The Fallout from Fall Out Boy: Pete Wentz and Company Attempt to Have Concert in NYC, Get in Trouble with Police

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The band Fall Out Boy, headed by Pete Wentz of indie/emo/bi-curious but now Mr. Ashlee Simpson fame, and inspired by Bob Dylan’s impromptu ’60s performances in the same location, attempted to stage a secret free concert in Washington Square Park in NYC at 3:30 on Monday.  Fans who had read about the event on Wentz’ blog the night before gathered near Washington Square South.  But just as the band was about to play, they got in a bit of a scuffle with police, who arrived to inform them that they had not obtained the proper permit and would not be legally allowed to play instruments.  Apparently, however, they were legally allowed sing.  So instead of being carted off to jail (which certainly could have given the increasingly less-relevant band a jolt of publicity), the group  members decided to perform an a cappella sing-along.  Yeah, we know, not quite as dramatic as their planned massive free concert that would have caught NYC by surprise.  But at least they had their fans in mind – and were blessed with record-breaking 65 degree temps on this New York December day.


Hello world!

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